Certificates of conformity
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Certificates of conformity

We inform you that all the products presented on our website fully satisfy all the state quality standards, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity

In Russian Federation, product certification is carried out on the basis of the Law of 07.02.1992 No. 2300-1 “On Protection of Consumer Rights” and the Federal Law of 27.12.2002 No. 184-ФЗ “On Technical Regulation”. Most products on the territory of our country can be sold only if there is a certificate of conformity of the GOST R system.

The mandatory certification of products and the issuance of relevant documents are carried out by the authorities having the necessary accreditation. The certificate of conformity GOST R is issued only after a series of tests, with the help of which the quality of products is confirmed in laboratory conditions. As a result, the customer of mandatory product certification receives a document valid throughout the territory of Russian Federation. A quality certificate for products is issued in case of successful completion of all the necessary laboratory tests.

Making a quality certificate helps not only to avoid problems with trade and transportation of products through the customs. A certificate of conformity guarantees the quality and safety of products, thereby improving the image of the manufacturer and being an argument for partners and consumers.


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